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6. Stages of the Universe

Let's call the large world inside the gigantic being as 'the macro world' and call the small world replicated in our body as 'the micro world'.
Then you can arrange all the stages of the universe from the elementary particles to the gigantic being as below;

(1)Micro world :
Elementary particles - (atomic nucleus) - atoms
- molecules - macromolecules - organelles - cells - a man

(2)Macro world :
Stars(the sun) - (galactic nucleus) - galaxies
- Groups - Clusters - Superclusters - the Cosmos - a gigantic being

These line-ups include all stages of the material world, and no other outstanding stage exists than the above.

If the universe were replicated in a fractal structure, the magnitude ratios of corresponding elements between the two extreme worlds would be all constant.

When looking over their appearances roughly at each stage, you may become aware that elements in the two line-ups are likely to match each other as the sequence as arranged above.
I decided the above sequence after deliberately comparing their appearances, intervals between colleagues and so on.

In the above sequence, atoms correspond to galaxies, but you may be familiar with the idea that the atom is similar to the solar system.
This idea looks rather widespread because, according to the classic atomic model, electrons have been described as turning around the atomic nucleus.
However, such idea is far from the reality.

In the material world the interval between atoms is very close; their neighbors are mostly in the range of their diameters or so.
But the interval between stars is exorbitant; stars are normally separated in the distance of some light-years, which is equivalent to tens of millions of times of the average stellar diameter.

Consequently, the idea that atomic structure may be similar to that of the solar system is not worth consideration at all.

Then, let's pay attention to the above sequence.

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