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2. Big Bang Theory

I am going to prove in this essay that the universe is formed in a fractal structure.
However, since the Big Bang theory is dominating today's Cosmology, I think I have to mention it beforehand.

There must be only one ultimate truth of the universe.
If the Big Bang theory were definitely true, all other ideas would not be worth consideration because we have already got the truth.
But if the Big Bang theory proves to be not true, you will have to take another idea seriously.

So, I am going to indicate here the wrongfulness of the Big Bang theory before I start demonstrations of the Fractal Cosmology.

According to the Big Bang theory, a particle of ultra-high density exploded about 15 billion years ago, and since then the universe has been expanding at the velocity of light.
So, the cosmic history is said to be 15 billion years old and the cosmic radius to be 15 billion light-years.

Since time and space are inseparably related to one another, any theory upon the universe will have to explain cosmic phenomena logically in the viewpoint of time as well as of space.

The Big Bang is a deduction drawn from the redshifts at galactic spectrums.
Except several members of the Local Group, all galaxies in the universe are concluded to be receding from us, which has been thought the only reasonable explanation for all the galactic spectrums showing the redshifts.
If the universe has been expanding, there must have been a starting point of expansion - that was the Big Bang, scientists have concluded.

However, if you failed to explain the cosmic phenomena in terms of time after adopting the Big Bang theory, you would have to search for another reasonable cause of the redshifts.

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