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Prelude to the book 'Infinity in a Speck'

(Quoted partly from the book 'Infinity in a Speck'.)

Though scientists, philosophers and theologians have been interpreting the universe from various viewpoints, there are many people who disagree with their interpretations.
These people instead contemplate for themselves on the true nature of the universe, and enjoy such speculations.
Yet, such personal musings can be so difficult to discuss that they remain contained in the minds of their thinkers.
In fact, such dreams remain merely as a vague collection of ideas.

Amongst these dreamers, some imagine we are alongside a giant so enormous that we cannot see the shape of his appearance.
That the sky we observe is but a small part of his body.
Therefore, we could not see its entirety, no matter how far we might travel by spacecraft.

I have been having such dreams since my childhood, and whether or not these dreams were influenced by education or religion, or just the natural product of dreaming, is unimportant.
What is important is that we have begun embracing such a dream as valuable, especially since we have not shared it with other people.

I went to sea following my dream.

While sailing for more than twenty years, I was thinking over the dream and looking up at the endless sky.
It was then that I realised that the dream contained a surprising truth.
Such a realization led me to write this book after five years of research.

This book will show the readers all secrets of the universe, which human beings could not see before.
There is a surprising and similar order in both elementary particles and the universe, which extends to the infinite.
Many people were surprised to learn of this from me.

If scientists began studying the cosmos through my theory, human civilization might reach a crucial turning point.
Understandably, it would be hard for most people to really comprehend this theory because it is so different from conventional thinking, and without information gained through modern science it could not have been written.
So I think this theory could become a springboard for humanity to jump to another stage of civilization.

(For further information, please refer to the book 'Infinity in a Speck'.)

August, 1994
the author

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