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Gyung Chul Cho
(Ex-Professor of Astronomy at Kyunghee University)

To the Book 'Infinity in a Speck':

The authority and the deed of specialists are very much different from those of amateurs.
There is almost no place for amateurs in musicians' or painters' world.
In the chess game, it's almost impossible for an amateur to win a professional player.
In the world of scientific researches, for an amateur who has no career at the university but achieved some new theory by his own effort, there is no chance to publish it in a journal of scientific society.
Like this, the worlds of professionals are so much rigid and exclusive.

However, there are sometimes some places where amateurism is respected.
It's Olympic Games.
There, professionalism is basically excluded.
In the world of literary, pure and liberal amateurism is rather respected as well.

By the way, astronomy is quite exceptional in the scientific field.
Many astronomical activities such as discoveries of new comets, novas and asteroids, or, observations of variable stars are being done by amateur observers.
There have been many amateur scientists in this field around the world who achieved important deeds, but not a specific person in Korea.

Now here we see a man.
His name is Yun Pyo Jung.

He used to be a captain of big merchant ships.
But he threw away his 20 years' job in order to challenge his idea that there might be a constant connection between the infinite universe and the ultra-small world.

He even studied the profound idea of Buddhism upon the universe and tried to demonstrate the proportional contrast between the macro world and the micro world which are connected with the constant of 10^30.
Of course some other scientists have studied such subject before, but nobody has reached as widely as his research.

This book is a scientific writing by an amateur full of passion peculiar to a seafarer.
The result of his endeavor would be too big to be thought lightly by the 'professionals'.
Even professional scientists will have to applaud him for his endeavor at such a subject that they have not even thought about.

Even though a professional scientist might prove that his theory of 10^30 were wrong, this book could be said to have achieved its goal.

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