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14. The Rule of Equal Speed

In the universe of a fractal structure, the speed of any corresponding motions between two adjacent levels of fractals must be unchangeable because time and space change in the same ratio.

(1) Stars in the galactic system correspond to electrons (actually, to Ultimate Particles in electrons).
Both are turning around each nucleus at a speed of 250 km/sec approximately.

(2) The galactic nucleus corresponds to the atomic nucleus.
Quasars are known to be nuclei of furiously active galaxies.
Matters in quasars are observed as moving at a quasi-light speed.
Similar motions are observed also in the atomic nucleus.
Neutrons are turning around inside the nucleus at the rate of 10^22 times per second, and, the speed of such motion is faster than 30,000 km/sec, i.e. a quasi-light speed.

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