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10. Constant Number 10^30

We have now calculated all ratios of corresponding elements between the micro world and the macro world.
And you can note that all those are showing similar values containing the proportional factor 10^30.

Among them, the ratio of [molecule : Group] is a little deviated from the other ones.
It is from the difficulty in determining the mean molecular diameter, nevertheless, it is not so bad considering the tenfold variation.

Are all the above just a series of coincidence?

Some fortuitists may say that any fortuity could happen.
However, even an extreme fortuitist would not expect that the same fortuity might happen again and again.
If you expected something and it has really happened, it should be a pre-determinate consequence, not a fortuity.

In this essay, you will witness more of such inevitable consequences.

If all these were not just a series of fortuity, the universe could be said to be consecutive vertically in a fractal structure.
And the magnification between two adjacent levels of fractals would be around 10^30.

So to speak, the gigantic being may be taller than you by 10^30 times, and you would be, in turn, taller by 10^30 times than the small beings living in your cells.

The Cosmos, though it might be a cell, looks immense to us as we are living in a micro world in the gigantic being.
And, in turn, the small beings living in another micro world in the cells of our body may observe the cellular radius at 15 billion light-years by their measurement.

As a matter of fact, we can see only one Cosmos, i.e. only one cell of the gigantic being.
So, we are unable to know what it is.
It could be a worm, or a kangaroo.
Nobody knows about it at the moment.

However, in the future, if astronomers make out a complete three-dimensional distribution map of the whole galaxies in the Cosmos, we could know what it is, by analyzing Superclusters which would correspond to the DNAs.
Let's think it as a man for convenience' sake until then.

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