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5. Fractal Structure

In the Fractal Cosmology, the Cosmos is substantially the same as a particle.
Another Cosmos is replicated in each particle which comprises the Cosmos.

As man is also a component of the Cosmos, you could describe the fractal universe by laying stress on man, too.
That is, you could imagine a gigantic being in which numerous Cosmoses are included.
Our Cosmos is just one of them.
And, in turn, there are numerous particles in our body, each of which may be thought to be a complete Cosmos by ultra-small men who may be living in it.

If this idea were true, you might be able to prove it.
It is a question of the similar shapes.
I will show you a simple example.

Here is a triangle.
You can expand it to double the size in a duplicator.
Now you have two triangles; the one is small and the other is large.
These two triangles are the similar shapes.

In the similar shapes, the ratio between the corresponding sides of each other is always constant.
So, they retain a substantial identity.

When you expand the small one to double the size or reduce the large one to half the size, they will meet exactly.
There is no method to tell the difference between them.
Therefore, if two triangles prove to be the similar shapes, you can regard them as retaining a substantial identity.

This logic can be applied regardless of the size of triangles.

Suppose that you start to expand a tiangle larger and larger, and reduce the other one smaller and smaller.
Even though the large one has become larger by a million times than the smaller one, there will not happen any change in the fact that the two triangles are substantially identical.

Now, let's suppose that you expanded a triangle to the size of the Cosmos and reduced another one to the size of an elementary particle.
Even in such a case, as far as you are able to measure every corresponding side, you will not have any difficulty to prove them to be the similar shapes.

This is a simple but unquestionable logic.
If you could measure all the elements both in the gigantic being and in your body, and then, could show all the ratios of corresponding elements to be always constant, the gigantic being and a man might be recognized as substantially identical.
This can be the method to prove the fractal structure of the universe.

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