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11. Demonstrations from the Aspect of Time

Time is another aspect of the universe, and it is as fundamental as space.
Physicists define time as the fourth axis and explain the universe in the concept of four-dimensional space.

It is quite questionable whether time is a real axis, but I'm not going to express here my subjective view of time.
I'm just going to demonstrate the reality of time in a fracral structure of the universe.
I hope you will see the true face of time eventually.

(1) The differentiated time:

As you may understand, the logic of the Fractal Cosmology is very simple.
The principle of time ruling the fractal universe is simple, too.

However, you are required to open your mind widely to accept the simplicity.
When you are prejudiced, you may fail to catch the plain reality.
So, I sincerely ask you to open your mind widely enough, beforehand.

I will give you an example for an easier approach to the principle of time.

Let’s suppose that here is a ground with a 100 meters track, and, that a man of 1.8 meters high is about to dash forward at the starting line.
Say he can run 100 meters in 10 seconds.

And now, imagine a world where every size has been shrunken to 1/10 by a miraculous magic.
In that small world, both the man and the ground have shrunken in the same ratio.
Accordingly, the shrunken track will look unquestionably as 100 meters to the shrunken man.

Now, let's position the starting lines of both grounds on a line, and let the two men dash toward each goal line at the same time.

In such a situation, the shrunken man will naturally see that it has passed 10 seconds by his watch when he reached the goal line.
That's because, in his world, he himself, the ground and all other surroundings have shrunken in the same ratio, and, his watch is also showing the time of the shrunken world.

When the runner in the normal world sees the shrunken ground, the length of its track will look, as a matter of course, to be 10 meters.
Therefore, the runner in the normal world will pass the same point as the end line of the shrunken track, in one second.

Let's suppose that the two runners could see one another.
Then, the normal runner would witness very busy strokes of the shrunken runner.
On the other hand, the shrunken runner would watch a giant taller than himself by 10 times running in a very slow motion as if replaying a video film slowly at 1/10 speed.

The cause of such phenomenon is that the flow of time changes in proportion to the change of the space scale.
So to speak, a man living in a world shrunken to 1/10 would feel the flow of time slower by 10 times.

To express accurately, one second of the normal world will be experienced just like 10 seconds by the man in a world shrunken to 1/10 scale.

Here, a point to pay attention to is that the slow flow of time does not mean that the real length of time becomes longer.
It just means that the flow of time becomes so differentiated for the man in the shrunken world that he will simply experience it slower.

Such principle of time can be applied in the same manner to any case, whether the scale of space changes to 1/100, 1/1,000, or further, 1/10^30

If the universe were really consecutive in fractal structure in the ratio of [1 : 10^30], the flow of time would change in the same ratio, too.

Therefore, even if a long period of 10^30 seconds(= 30 billion trillion years) have passed in our world, the clock of the gigantic being would just tick once.
In the same manner, a second of ours would be differentiated to 10^30 seconds for the small beings living in the micro world.

This is the principle of time in the infinite universe that is consecutive in a fractal structure.
However, can it be proved?

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