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Sung Koo Kim
(Professor of physics at Ewha University)

To the essay 'Fractal Cosmology' :

Two ways to the truth - Science and Religion :
Science and religion are at the same position to search for the ultimate answer for what the substance of universe is, but they are extremely different in the way how they approach it and how they explain it.

Religion maintains that everything has become clear through realization by a Holy Man or through revelation by God.
On the other hand, science tries to find out rules through long-term observation and proof-finding.
So, scientific rules could be said true in the limit of scientific category.

Generally science and religion are taking care of different fields from each other but sometimes they conflict with each other at same fields.
The example of geocentric theory and heliocentric theory shows the fact that science and religion has confronted in the field of science.
In such cases science has proved generally right, however, there are many vice versa cases, especially in Buddhism.
Buddhism contains many scientific concepts which modern science has barely started to understand.

Most religions have established thousands years ago, therefore, their bibles was written in the words and ways which ancient people could understand.
This is why we need to study the thoughts in religions again by the knowledge of modern science.
Here appeared an essay which looks Buddhism in such a viewpoint.
It's written by Mr Yun Pyo Jung.
His words interpreting Buddhism's view of universe in modern way gives us a feeling of refreshment.

Somebody may think his imagination is too much, but he interprets Buddhist Scriptures in a new way based on precise scientific figures.
He shows us that the world of science and the world of religion are all the same.
And he demonstrates the fact that every element between the micro world and the macro world corresponds to each other at a constant ratio.
And then he concludes that we could infer any untouchable factor of the universe by this ratio.
We can't totally agree to his conclusion nor deny it.

To tell the truth, there has been some attempts similar to Jung's interpretation in the scientific world, too.
The ratio of the age of ratio to the period of atomic vibration makes strangely equal to the universe of the gravity to the electromagnetic force.
Paul Dirac who got a hint from such fact suggested an assumption that the gravity and the electromagnetic force had been equal at the time of cosmic birth but gravity has become weaker and weaker as the universe was expanding.

We can't prove Jung's idea scientifically but we can say his method of demonstrations is scientific.
It is very surprising that a seafarer who has no knowledge of physics wrote this kind of essay.
I hope that he would proceed on his research and make clear more facts for us.

March 1994, from The Monthly Chosun

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